a bartenders confessions.

the truth from behind the bar

its been a while

While I have taken a break from this project due to the summer holidays, I’ve decided to give this year a shot. 2012 could be the end of the world, but heck if I’m not going to give it all i got. 

Everybody will be going back to work, so I have a lot to get to. Including, business cards, proposals, contacts and phone calls. Let get this shit on. 

take a risk.

Its hard, but everytime I head at for surf in the afternoon I find inspiration. The ocean is huge, sky is limitless, the waves endless.  You see I know two guys, both close friends, both were surfers, both died young. Too young. Which is why I need to take a risk in my work, my life, and Bondi Entertainment.

We are a young business, full of energy, willing to push the boundaries in the industry.

We are or I should say ready to go hard.  


Its been a week since I left the job. People have already commented that I looked more relaxed, happier, more myself. I suppose that’s what happens when you stop working 50+ hours a week. 

I must admit though, this will also be the first time I haven’t been paid a pay check, so buying new items I want but don’t need have taken a dramatic stop. The $2,000 computer, or the $1000 sound system, a new car etc etc.

With new beginnings though come with new feelings. Coming from a workplace of 60+ staff, thousands of customers with constant conversations to a quiet home is something I haven’t felt in a while. Perhaps that’s why I intend to buy a new puppy in the coming days. A dog can bring good things to people… I’ve already received numerous messages from my mother regarding what kind i should get.

Beginnings are daunting but beginnings can also bring new things into your life.  Whether I’ve made the right decision or not, I am willing to take on the next challenge, because a life not lived is not a life worth living….(cliche i know)

inspiration vs work

Can I say I found inspiration while having a shower? I couldn’t find any inspiration all afternoon, getting angry about not being able to find a good name, and when I did think of a good name, the domain name was taken… blah blah

So I went shopping for food, I made a HUGE bowl of pasta, went for a run, watched a movie. Then while having a shower I couldn’t stop thinking about work, my progress, and where I want to be. While I can think over over about concepts, I need action. I need to stop thinking and start acting.

Jesus its 1am in the morning and I’m pretty stoked on my ideas.

need to act now, fix things later.

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